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the part of a plant which attaches it to a support, typically underground, conveying nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers.

"take root:":

synonyms: begin to germinate, begin to sprout, develop, thrive, flourish

To cultivate an adoption conscious community



Absolute Love Adoptions is committed to comprehensive adoption services that are accessible, ethical, collaborative and well informed.

core values

 When we nourish individuals, they thrive. We want to cultivate healthy relationships that will promote connection and positive experience across the lifetime.


 “Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching- even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”― Aldo Leopold

We believe in honesty, choice, privacy, and dignity. 


When we know better, we do better.  We emphasize education for all members of the birth constellation and the larger community. Our services reflect industry best practices .


We strive to limit the financial burden adoption places on the family.


We prioritize prompt, thorough communication and flexible availability. We keep our caseload low so that each client has an individualized experience. 


Meet The Team

Cheryl Parkhill

Cheryl Parkhill first opened the agency in 2003 and owned and operated Absolute Love until January of 2016. Cheryl is now retired, but frequently serves as a consultant. Cheryl lives the dream, having retired in Florida. She spent the first half of her work life as an Air Force Officer and then worked for 20+ years serving children and adoptive families in local county courts and in private practice.  

Kathryn Russell


Kathryn is a licensed social worker, located in Erie, PA. She discovered her passion for adoption while volunteering at Orphanages abroad.  Kathryn has her Bachelor's in Psychology from Syracuse University and  Master's in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Labor/Delivery Doula and has assisted many birth mother's during their deliveries. She loves crafting, home renovation,  reading and outdoor adventure. She is mom to two babies, her most treasured role.

Megan McGraw

Megan is a licensed clinical social worker based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Megan has worked with children and families in the human services and mental health system for 10+ years. She specializes in family therapy and individual therapy. Megan joined the agency team in early 2016 and has excelled in working with our families as an adoption specialist.  Megan loves to travel with her husband, is a bit of a foodie and hikes often with her fur baby, Titan. 

Adoption specialist




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AdoptMatch is a mobile app and website that connects expectant moms pursuing an adoption plan with adoptive parents and professionals committed to creating child-centered and ethical adoptions.

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