The Slow Business Model

Hustle. It’s a term used to encourage winning, productivity, and ultimately, success. The definition of the verb is to “Force …

In Their Own Voices Review

In Their Own Voices

Kathryn July 6, 2020 A Pre-Adoptive Family reviews required reading:  “In Their Own Voices, Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories” by …

adoption profile book story

Creating A Profile Book: A Difficult, But Rewarding Process

The first thing I learned: Creating a profile book is really hard!

Finding Hope

Finding Hope: A Birthmother’s Journey Into the Light *Book Review*

When working with birthmothers after placement of their child, even as a professional with experience and comfort in doing so, it is sometimes difficult to connect in an authentic way. These women and men who have recently placed their children are hurting deeply, despite feeling as though they made the right choice for themselves and their child.

Couple waiting for adoption placement

Waiting For Placement: Twiddling Your Thumbs

Now that you have made it through the home study process and officially received the stamp of approval, what should you do now?

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine with any accuracy how long you’ll wait to find a match. So, after all the twiddling your thumbs you can handle, what do you do with all the “time to kill”?

Adoption Home Study Books

What is a Home Study?

It is a *process*, a study of who you are and how those complex and unique variables will enhance and challenge your pursuit of becoming adoptive parents.

Angry Child

What Do I Say?

But what do I say?: Telling my child that their sibling was placed for adoption.

The magic of motherhood

Coffee and Crumbs

Since becoming a mother, all things Coffee and Crumbs has been a staple in my days.

Shop Small

Shop Small

Wanted: Woman with strong work ethic, good social skills, money management and people management experience, exceptional multitasking ability. Must keep flexible work schedule, non traditional hours (evenings and weekends a must). Must be willing to work overtime.

The Girls Who Went Away

The Girls Who Went Away

The author Ann Fessler is an adoptee who interviewed hundreds of women about their experiences with losing their children to adoption following WWII and before Roe v. Wade.