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We are so glad you are here! We are eager to help support you on your journey to be adoptive parents.  You have many options for how you choose to proceed, and we look forward to helping you plan that journey. 

About Absolute Love Adoptions

Our services are designed for hopeful pre-adoptive parents looking to bring an infant born domestically into their home and family.

We are a small agency and as such, work with only a few families at a time to ensure highly individualized services. We offer a build-your-own package that allows you to have maximum choice in the way your adoption experience comes together, and full control over your budget.

We place a heavy emphasis on education and will encourage you to take advantage of the bountiful resources available. Our goal is to ensure you are well prepared for being adoptive parents and thoroughly understand the role you play in the adoption community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our focus is on Domestic home studies.

We are currently offering our services to all of Pennsylvania. Please speak with a staff person to discuss your location.

Our staff generally takes 4 weeks to prepare the first draft of your document following your Home Study visit, barring any complications. We then ask that you review the document. Once you approve, we submit the final document within days.
If you are in a situation that requires an expedited Home Study, we may be able to assist you.

A full home study is valid for three years. During that time, however, we must conduct annual visits and complete a home study update. This ensures that any changes to family situation or dynamic are discussed and do not affect the ability to place a child in your home or family.

Absolute Love Adoptions does not believe that specifying gender is ethical. We do not permit requests for the gender of the child desired.

The agency accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks and we offer a pay online feature. Please speak with your Specialist to retrieve the code to pay online should you wish to use this service.

There are grant and scholarship programs to help families afford adoption. Check here.
You will also want to explore the tax credit for families adopting.
As a Pennsylvania resident, you are required to obtain Criminal, FBI and Child Abuse Clearances. Links can be found here
If you have lived outside of PA in the most recent 5 years, you must also obtain clearances from each of those states. The agency can assit you with identifying how to obtain those, if necessary.

While each county may have different requirements, it is ALA policy that pre-adoptive families renew their clearances annually.

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