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Adoption Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the Birth Mother in your life? We’ve got you covered. We’ve carefully curated an adoption-centric assortment of artisan items and paired them in themed boxes designed for the Birth Mothers in your life!


These boxes are intended to be gifted to a Birth Mother by anyone that loves her: friends, family, adoptees, or adoptive parents.

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Your Gift Gives Back

Every SOLACE box purchased from Absolute Love Adoptions supports small business vendors that provide the ingredients to our packages. Every detail of these boxes was sourced from small businesses that are also at least one of the following: locally made, hand made, woman-owned, BIPOC owned or veteran owned or environmentally friendly.

In addition, 15% off every box sale goes to the Absolute Love Adoptions Post Placement Care Program for Birth Parents. This program focuses on concrete resources for mothers/fathers who placed a child for adoption to encourage them to meet goals related to housing, parenting, education, careers, transportation and more.

Any mother can tell you about the great shift in focus that happens when a baby is born. You spend 9 months being the center of focus (front row Expectant Mother parking anyone!?) only to find that when the baby is born, the world runs to the baby to love, support and care for them. Sometimes it feels like you, the creator of this life, are forgotten almost instantly.


That experience is felt deeper by women who choose adoption for their children. The happy new family leaves the hospital with the baby, and all of the love and attention goes with them.


This experience for birth mothers impacts how they experience motherhood, the fourth trimester recovery and the integration of their new identity of “birth mother” into their life .


When looking for a thoughtful gift for a Birth Mom, “Adoption gifts” are sometimes just too “ADOPTION!”, or are focused on the adoptive family! Our SOLACE boxes fill that need to honor a Birth Mother with a thoughtful, adoption sensitive gift.



We designed a special "comfort" box for the days following delivery. One Option is to have sent to your home, and bring it to placement with you.


Moms are working hard to recover physically from childbirth, and resume to their typical routine.


A sweet thinking of you on her special day.


Baby's birthdays are joyous! Birth Mom's feel both that joy and sadness. Send her a small gift to let her know she is also being celebrated on this day.


Family holidays when your baby isn't with you can be tough days. Send a gift to remind her that she is always included in your holiday celebrations.


A birth mother's entire self is changed by the existence of your child. Any reminder that you love her and are thinking of her is a good one!

Take any opportunity to let the Birth Mother in your life know that you see her, and that you love her. Need a reminder to order before a big event? Sign up for our ABSOLUTE LOVE Newsletter for reminders, and to be notified when a new box launches